Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top Key Lessons Tim Cook Learnt in 2012

'10 Ways Tim Cook could blow it for Apple in 2012' was one of post predicting and forecasting the coming new year for Apple's CEO that I  published in my blog 'Imposing Headlines' on 21 December 2011, based on an assessment by Business Insider.

Predictions for Tim Cook in 2012
  • Let the smartest people walk out the door
  • Release an iPhone 4S II instead of an iPhone 6
  • Release a bad Apple TV
  • Hire the wrong guy to run retail
  • Let iCloud stagnate
  • Issue a dividend or buy back stock
  • Leave the iPad just as it is
  • Let the world's Apple fantasies run wild
  • Just let Android get bigger and bigger
  • Miss the next big thing!
  • BONUS: Try to be Steve Jobs 

But that was almost day less than year ago. Now it is another year coming and almost knocking at our doors.


Did Tim Cook learn any thing from the predictions made in 2011? Well, you be the judge. But Mashable has published a report about the key lessons Tim Cook learnt during 2012. These are listed as under:

  • Sometimes You Need to Be Hands On
  • Collaboration Trumps Talent
  • Acknowledging Mistakes Isn't a Sign of Weakness
  • Image Is Important
  • Apple Needs to Release a TV Sooner Than Later

Now it would make it easier for you to correlate the predictions for 2012 made in December 2011 and what Mr Cook learnt in 2012.

Apple TV: Would it become reality in 2013? [Photo: Mashable]

Apple did release much awaited iPhone 5 which made headlines thorughout the year. But where did the Apple TV go? It seems in a bid to outscore the smartphone market and compete Samsung, Apple has los sight of the Apple TV, which was much talked about in 2011. 

Would we have Apple TV in 2013? Ask Tim Cook.....

Read more about it at: Mashable

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