Saturday, December 22, 2012

Much anticipated tech products that could not make it in 2012

The year 2012 was very technologically rewarding as we saw many innovative gadgets, tech products and systems hitting the market.

But there were certain products that the businessmen and consumer were almost certain would e made available before the year end despite their being so close to completion - but could not.

Rob Enderle at Digital Trends lists these as under:

iPad Mini with Retina Display
Although we had the much touted iPad Mini from Apple, it was just like a BMW with a VW engine, says Rob. Without the Retina Display, the apple smartphone remained far from users' expectations - something that Apple could make an endeavour ro install in 2012 - but did not.

Car radio with full smartphone integration
When we talk of car radio with full smartphone integration, it is not meant to have a stereo that passes through music from your phone, but the one that passes through music, video, and apps. We are living in a tablet and smartphone age, but other than Tesla basically building a tablet into their dash and Hyundai giving away an iPad with their cars (and putting the manual on it), car and stereo companies don’t appear to be in the same decade.

Now this is something that should have hit the markets in 2012, if we have to claim that the year 2012 was technologically rewarding. If we can get an electric toothbrush to wirelessly charge, why can’t we seem to figure out devices like laptops and tablets that actually need it more?

Good in-flight Wi-Fi
Why should one be a prison of on-board movies available in the flight? We cannot we have in flight wi-fi so that we could watch our favourite movies on the laptop or the smartphone specially on long distance flights? 

Flying Car
I heard of it many times before since 2011 but nothing appeared zooming over past my head in 2012. But wait - Rob claims that he first sat in a flying car prototype in the 1970s. Back then, they promised a solution was just a few years away, yet here we are approaching 40 years later and zip. Granted, some yoyo did try to strap wings on a Pinto back then and that ended badly (really a Pinto?), but I've been waiting to fly over traffic for most of my life, where they hell is my flying car?

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