Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is the Facebook's new Messenger app aimed at the next billion users?

In business, enough is never enough - and in fact this 'void' that haunts the businessmen is the key to do more, think of innovative developmental strategies to double or even triple their business volume and profits.

Facebook is no different. With its present 1 billion users, the geeks behind Facebook fell that they need to move forward and fetch the next 1 billion - and may be when that is done, they would be after the next billion.

The announcement by Facebook on 4th December is in fact a step to targeting the next one billion members. The announcement is about revamping its mobile messenger app. If it works, and if here is a big if, ten Facebook may be able to reel in many of the holdouts who so far have resisted the social craze. 

Sam Lessin, a director of product for Facebook, put it in an interview with C|net, "It's a really great way to get a bunch of people."


The envisaged strategy hinges on targeting a massive number of people across the globe who are bypassing the personal computer entirely and accessing the online world directly through their phones.

Facebook's new messenger app, which is being developed first for Android phones, is initially rolling out in India, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and South Africa -regions where big growth is still possible for Facebook.

There's no telling how this plays out. Facebook keeps updating its Camera app -- and it bought Instagram. Facebook, which couldn't comment about reported acquisition talks, could very well have designs on WhatsApp. Or it could push its new Messenger head on against WhatsApp, and build it out to add new features as it tries to lure the people in on the planet who have not yet bought into Facebook's vision of all things social.

Read more about it at: C|net

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