Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bicymple - the 'Rear Wheel Driven' Bicycle

We are familiar with the gadget known as bicycle  don't we?

Well I guess we all do - and remember the days when the bicycle will get unchained and we had to reluctantly chain the bicycle, dirtying our hands with that black grease. But n one ever did anything to address the 'genuine problems' of the bicyclists.


But now someone has  - centuries after the bicycle was invented - we now have Bicymple!!

Bicymple has same two wheels, a handle and a seat - but no chain - Happy!!

Yes I am - now instead of a chain driven bicycle, we have Bicymple without chain. In fact the Bicymple is so designed to have pedals mounted on the rear wheel - making it a Rear Wheel Drive bicycle without a chain. Now the power applied to the pedals is directly given to the wheels without any loss of human power.

Watch the video below:

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