Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Apple launches iTunes music and movies in India

More than a decade after it was first launched and soon after it started showing rupee prices for apps, iTunes has begun selling songs and movies in India for the first time. The move also follows the launch of iTunes 11, marking the first major design overhaul of the gateway to the ecosystem that has helped the iPhone, iPad and iPod become such runaway hits for Apple.

There are not too many legal sources for media content in India, with online retailer Flipkart being one of the few to have taken some tentative steps on MP3 and eBook downloads. Still, Flipkart’s Flyte doesn't always work flawlessly. Apple products, on the other hand, rarely fail on that front.

Compared with the 99 cents per song price in the US, Apple has kept prices low, which will help boost iTunes’s popularity in a country where piracy is rampant, with lack of access and high cost being cited as a defence for illegal downloads.


Nokia offers a similar service for users of its phone, called Nokia Music, with 4.5 million songs. The service costs Rs.50 for seven days, Rs.99 for 30 days and Rs.250 for 90 days. New handsets come with free subscriptions for up to a year. Also, Nokia Music gives users the ability to download any songs from its library—it’s not restricted to the ones you have.

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