Friday, November 2, 2012

The world’s most efficient high-end computer

What if you have a computer that just consumes 5.9 watts?

Well if I have it, I  would say I have the world’s most efficient high-end computer.

Developed by Dutch hardware hacker, Emile Nijssen (nickname Mux), who claims his inventon to be the world's most most efficient hih end desktop computer. The computer is laced with an Intel Core i5-3570K with 16GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, and other assorted bits, that consumes just 5.9 watts when idling and 74.5 watts at full load. This is contrast to an ordinary desktop PC, which draws around 30 watts while idle and 150 watts at full load (while playing Angry Birds, or surfing a Flash website).

Fluffy2's motherboard

Mux has a bit of a history when it comes to ultra-efficient computers: He built a 50-watt computer in 2008 (called Dennis), a 20-watt computer in 2010 (Dennis2), a 9.5-watt NAS last year (Floppy2), and now the 5.9-watt Fluffy2. 


For a start, Fluffy2 is based on Intel’s DQ77KB mini-ITX motherboard and the Core i5-3570K CPU, which he then pairs with 2x8GB of of DDR3-1333 Crucial RAM, 64GB MyDigital SSD, Intel Ultimate-N WiFi card, and a Logitech wireless receiver. As-is, mostly thanks to Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture, Mux says this is one of the most efficient PC setups possible, drawing just 11.6 watts when idle. To go from 11.6 to 5.9 watts — almost exactly half the power consumption — is rather impressive, though.

Impressive, isn't it? Well read more technical details at Extreme Tech and watch a video of this amazing invention.
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