Friday, November 30, 2012

Samsung finally announces Flip Covers For Galaxy S3, Note 2

Like Apple's delayed release of iTunes 11, Samsung too has finally announced the Flip Cover accessories for its high-end mobile devices including the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.

The Flip Covers will available for purchase from the company’s online store in various sale options.

Customers can choose either one Flip Cover for $39.99 or two for $49.99, while a four-pack will cost them $99.99. Following are the colour choices you can pick:-

  • Galaxy Note II Option A: Marble White, Titanium Gray, Light Blue, Orange
  • Galaxy Note II Option B: Pink, Marble White, Light Blue, Lime Green
  • Galaxy S III Option A: Pebble Blue, Lime Green, Light Blue, Orange
  • Galaxy S III Option B: Marble White, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow

While these covers do look good on these smartphones, they offer very little protection from drops. Whereas bumper cases which covers corners and backside of the smartphone offers great protection on your investment by keeping it safe in an event you accidentally drop the device.

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