Friday, November 16, 2012

Samsung asks court for Apple-HTC Deal copy

In the ensuing legal battle over patent issues between Samsung and Apple, the recent deal between Apple-HTC seemingly is going to have a great impact, specially the big critical question: whether all of Apple's patents were covered by the deal.

For Samsung, the deal may have far reaching ramifications. If all the Apple patents are included -including the "user experience" patents that the company has previously insisted it would not license - it could undermine the iPhone makers efforts to permanently ban the sale of products that copy its technology.


Samsung Electronics Co, which could face such a sales ban following a crushing jury verdict against it in August, asked a United States (US) judge on Friday to force Apple to turn over a copy of the HTC agreement.

In a court filing, Samsung argued it is "almost certain" that the HTC deal covers some of the patents involved in its own litigation with Apple.

Read more about it at: Reuters


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