Monday, November 12, 2012

Microsoft's Halo 4 earns $220 million globally in just first 24 hours of its launch

Microsoft's Halo 4 has earned $220 million globally just with the first 24 hours it went on sale. 

But that is not stopping Microsoft to ask for more. In fact Microsoft expects the game to reach $300 million in global sales by today, making it "the biggest Halo launch in history." The company estimates the Halo franchise has earned around $3.38 billion.

Although Microsoft doesn't mention how many copies of the game it sold, it does say over 4 million people played online during the first 5 days of availability. The math isn't simply a case of taking the gross and dividing by $60, however, since the limited editions of the game go for $100, and then there's the question of whether the Halo 4 console bundle ($400) and Halo 4 War Games Map Pass ($25) are included in that total.


"We're thrilled that Halo 4 has emerged as the biggest U.S. entertainment launch of the year," said Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer, knowing full well that moment is fleeting. Like, as in the next 24 hours.

[via joystiq ]


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