Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Make Money on Twitter: Sponsored Tweets

SAJ Shirazi

Have you ever thought of making money on twitter? Yes you can. Thanks to businesses that are trying to reach out to consumers through social media – that is where crowds are. IZEA is connecting tweeps with companies willing to compensate them for shout outs through their aptly named Sponsored Tweets.
It is very simple, sign in, set the price you want businesses to pay for the privilege of tweeting an ad and wait for the offers to come in. I am using twitter since May 22, 2007 but have joined Sponsored Tweets only recently (when blogger income stream in going down). BTW, initially it was not available in Pakistan. Tweeple who want to join the scheme may sign up for Sponsored Tweets here (yes this is my referral). There’s nothing subversive about it. It’s only a little payback for the years of your life that you have invested in your social media.

Users of Twitter  can sign up for Sponsored Tweets and start earning  here

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I have 3900 followers on twitter and I want to make money from Sponsortweets atleast $10 per day what should I do? Please Help me.

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