Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Firefox!!

Happy Birthday Firefox!!

Born on this day in 2004, you are eight years old today, stepping into your ninth year of creation.

Although, your birth as Phonex two years earlier 2002 as a browser has never really figured out as you changed your name when you were two years old and became to be known as Firefox.

In its formatting years, Firefox started to dominate the troubled Internet Explorer, but then started to take a back stage seat with the launch of Opera and then Google's Chrome, which has taken the lead role as the most used and adopted browser these days.

On its eight birthday, Firefox still ranks third after Chrome and Internet Explorer and has plans to overtake IE at least as it grows in age and experience.


Mozilla is planning a Windows 8 ready version of the browser with added feature of Social API - that will integrate Facebook and other social media networks with Firefox.

But would Firefox will be able to assume a front seat in future in the presence of Chrome? Well I do not know, but I keep my fingers crossed as Chrome is my favourite for now.


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