Monday, November 26, 2012

Hackers Down Google, Apple, and Microsoft in Pakistan

Pakistan’s web users were left high and dry over the weekend after nearly 300 high profile sites including,, and were hacked and defaced by what appears to be a mixture of Pakistani and Turkish attackers.

The homepage and others were apparently replaced with a picture of two penguins walking over a bridge and the English message “Pakistan downed”, as well as a bizarre line in Turkish which translates as: “My homies in a friend always there for me/ Have not shot by me with every breath".

The hacker responsible for that, who uses the name KriptekS, did not leave any other messages on the sites, making it difficult to speculate what the purpose, if any, was, although the same person has been responsible for tens of thousands of defacements in the past, according to Zone-h.

Read more about it at: The Register

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