Thursday, November 29, 2012

Facebook is social network of the past: Says Google+ Chief

Bradley Horowitz, the Google vice president of product for Google+ has said Wednesday that Facebook was the social network of the past, and the way it implemented advertising did not really work.

Google+'s Bradley Horowitz speaks during a Business Insider conference.(Credit: Dan Farber/CNET)

Horowitz further said during a Business Insider conference in New York Wednesday:
"Facebook isn't set up in a way that's compatible with the real world. People should be able to have a conversation with a certain group of friends without involving others. And they should be able to have real conversations, not 140-character blurbs like Twitter.
"In designing Google+, we keep thinking about the real world, the way people actually are." We're trying to make a product that's ergonomic for the way our attention is wired."


When asked if Google+ will ever incorporate ads, Horowitz said it would do so if there's an effective way to add them without upsetting users.

"We aren't struggling with how to monetize," he said. "We have real plans."

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