Friday, November 9, 2012

Facebook Flirts

SAJ Shirazi

Facebook Flirts [Photo: The Guy Stuff ]

Advent of computers and Internet has changed so many things including how people meet like-minded  cultivate relationship and even find their soul mates to settle down with for life. A Tagged State of Flirting Survey conducted this September has crossed my computer screen that says, “95.8% of participants meet people online via a social network, almost 32% of respondents say they have flirted (you know if someone is consistently commenting on your Facebook status updates and pictures or is frequently tweeting you back, take it as a sign of interest) with 1 to 10 people online. Some 21% of survey participants say they have met more than 100 individuals on the web.

One-third of the survey participants believe online flirting is “fun and harmless.” Another third of respondents believe sending a flirty Facebook message, suggestive Tweet or fun email is the easiest way to get the ball rolling on romance by making his or her interest known.”


Relax. If someone is sending you private messages or following you on many social networks, they might just be a fan. Don’t take everything seriously unless you have to. But yes, as per my own scouting the playful messages, poking, texting and tweeting may amounts to something serious.

Do you flirt with individuals or friends online? Tell me in the comments. Yes, I am curious.


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