Friday, November 30, 2012

Device that turns iPhone into a universal remote control

Sinc the advent of celluar phones, the world has changed a lot - as everything is now contained into this small hand held device. 

Beside receiving phone calls, and sending messages, the cellular phones have many other functions to assist us in our daily lives like a much need torch, a camera to freeze something that suddenly happens and even make a video. We have a map app to make sure we do not get lost and arrive at our destination hassle free.

But if your iPhone also acts as a universal remote control - No? Well the answer this time is a big YES.


Now with a new device invented by SATECHI, your apple device can be turned into a TV remote, a garage door opener or playing your stereo device. The ST-URB1 plugs into the headphone jack of recent Apple devices - including the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini - and works with Satechi’s RemoteBean app.

For just $25, this portable device can be simply amazing, fun and useful. Try it!!

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

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