Sunday, January 25, 2015

Toshiba's Chromebook2 - first ChromeOS laptop with 1080 IPS display

Toshiba become first in the race of laptops with its Chromebook 2 which has a gorgeous 1080 IPS display - something that brings to you a fine display to watch movies and videos.

The high quality 13 inch IPS display is the same type that Apple is famous for in all its MacBooks. 

And there is something amazing still: This gadget is at par with computers that have double or even triple its price.  Its full HD 1080p screen is more than bright enough to use outdoors with full glare, even with the highly reflective glossy finish.

Watching movies and videos with its full HD screen would be delight. This will be added with crystal clear sound quality as Toshiba has paired up with SkullCandy to improve the speaker quality, and while they do produce clearer sound than before, the audio improvement is minimal. The Chromebook 2 has muted bass and mediocre highs, though overall sound quality is better than the typical Chromebook. 

That is not all. There is so much more to it. Continue to read the full blown description at Mashable

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