Saturday, May 4, 2013

Samsung's 'Knox-enabled' Galaxy S4 approved by Pentagon for Government Use

Samsung's Knox enable Galaxy S4 achieved a major milestone as it has been approved by Pentagon for government use.

Here is the official statement from Samsung Mobile President JK Shin:
"We are very pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Defense has approved Samsung Knox-enabled devices for use in DoD networks. This approval enables other government agencies and regulated industries such as health care and financial services to adopt Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. This is a significant milestone for Samsung as we work to grow our relationships within government and large corporate enterprises."

Samsung's Knox software offers high-level encryption, a VPN feature, and a way to separate personal data from work data. The software also enables IT administrators to manage a mobile device through specific policies.

It may be added here that the Galaxy S4 is the ONLY Samsung device equipped with Knox. In fact, S4 is the first Android phone to meet the requirements, according to Samsung.

However, from now, Samsung promises that other smartphones as well as tablets will receive the security software.

In the meantime, Apple, the iPhone maker, is also seeking approval from the Department of Defense for its mobile devices. Specifically, the DOD needs to certify the iOS 6 operating system as secure enough to be used by defense agencies and the military. However, that approval is expected within the next few weeks, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

( via C|net )
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