Friday, May 3, 2013

Samsung responds to Galaxy S4 Storage accusations

All eyes are set on Samsung's next smartphone the Galaxy S4. But recently there have been concerns by reviewers and analysts about the storage capacity of the S4.

It is feared that a 16GB model the system takes up almost 7 GB that leaves out only 9 GB. The 7 GB is taken up by Touchwizz and other BLOATware that comes with the phone. Now this is considered too less for a eight core device.

Samsung has responded to these concerns and in an official statement clarifies its view point:
“For the Galaxy S4 16 GB model, approximately 6.85 GB occupies the system part of internal memory, which is 1 GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide a high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers. To offer the ultimate mobile experience to our users, Samsung provides a microSD slot on Galaxy S4 for extension of memory.”

But does this satisfy a customers? When asked to comment, one customer lamented:
"I personally feel that if you buy a 16GB phone, it should have 16GB available for the user. When I buy a pint I expect a pint." 
It may be added that Samsung isn't the first company to come under fire for selling customers short on available space. Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro has just 23GB of usable space, while the 8GB Wii U actually leaves just 3GB available to gamers.

However, while you may comment on the issue, watch the video of Galaxy S4 below:

( via C|net )
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