Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Mega, S4 Zoom - S4 Mini - S4 Active to be launched Mid-July

It has been reported by Sammobile that the likely launch for various Samsung Galaxy products includes the Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Mini. And it also it looks like the Korean Conglomerate is set to use the “S4” signature to release whole set of new devices in July this year.

While we've heard a lot regarding all these devices, you might be wondering what the S4 Active variant has to offer?

In terms of specifications, Galaxy S4 Active is rumored to be quite similar to the classic Galaxy S4. However in the wake of Galaxy S4’s poor performance in drop tests and in a bid to compete with waterproof capability of Xperia Z, the Active variant is ostensibly the rugged and waterproof version of the Galaxy S4, which means you won’t have to worry about your S4 device getting shattered anymore in unfortunate events. This variant is yet to be officially announced, so don’t get your hopes too high at the moment as it sounds too good to be true.

Whereas the release dates for the above mentioned devices are concerned, following is the list provided by the source’s insiders:-

GT-I9152ZWA*** – White – w20 – GALAXY Mega 5.8
GT-I9152ZKA*** – Black – w25 – GALAXY Mega 5.8
GT-I9200ZKA*** – Black – w19 – GALAXY Mega 6.3
GT-I9200ZWA*** – White – w21 – GALAXY Mega 6.3
GT-I9192ZWA*** – White – w29 – GALAXY S4 mini
GT-I9192ZKA*** – Black – w29 – GALAXY S4 mini
GT-I9295MOA*** – Metallic Orange – w29 – GALAXY S4 Active
SM-C1010ZKA*** – Black – w23 – GALAXY S4 Zoom
SM-C1010ZWA*** – White – w25 – GALAXY S4 Zoom

( via Chip Hazard )
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