Friday, May 3, 2013

Google Adds Remote Desktop Control Feature to Hangouts

Recently Google Hangout has been receiving updates and new features. Recently it added 'automatic muting while you type' and a 'screen capture' feature.

However here comes the latest feature to Google hangout chat client - the Remote Desktop Control Feature.

The remote desktop control feature can only be done if the other user gives you permission to do so, during a video call.

To initiate a remote desktop session, a user will first need to start a Hangout, then click on View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop. Once the feature has been activated, the user will be able to help out any and all comers with their computer issues.

However be cautioned that you’re probably going to be video chatting with whoever it is you’re helping remotely, so it is recommended you keep the eye rolling to a minimum.

( via Uber Gizmo )
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