Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photos of Samsung’s new Design Released by Evleaks Are Fake

Evleaks recently posted a picture of a Samsung device which it claimed was part of the Samsung's new design guidelines.

However, SamMobile has hit back and has confirmed, quoting an Samsung insider, that the Evleaks photo is totally fake.

It says that the photo that appeared on the net is in fact is that of the Galaxy S4′s developer prototype.

SamMobile further adds that:

  • "Evleaks has been a very reliable source in the past but, recently, his information about Samsung devices has been incorrect and misleading. Previously, Evleaks leaked what was claimed to be a press render of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV but that render was also fake, and was made by Expansys’ Web Designer. Today once again he has been proven wrong."

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