Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apple begins to send iPhone 4 owners $15 ‘Antennagate’ settlement checks

Good news for iPhone 4 owners and users!!

It has been learnt that Apple has started to disburse $15 checks to all iPhone 4 users as part of the ‘Antennagate’ settlement.

The ‘Antennagate’ settlement was finalized in February that granted iPhone 4 owners who had not previously received a free bumper for their “defective” iPhones a $15 payout.

Apple paid out a total of $53 million in the settlement, which was lawyers took a hefty $16 M chunk.

Already many iPhone users have got these $15 checks and for many others checks may be in post. The first checks were issued on April 17 2013 and are void after July 16th.

However, it may be added that the deadline for submitting a claim has passed -  so if you missed the train already, don't wait for the postman, even if you sing 'Please Please Mr Postman' no matter how loud.

( References and Photo via 9to5Mac )
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