Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RIM’s Flagship BB-Z10 Sales Exceeds Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 in Canada

It may come as a surprise to many, but it the RIM's flagship BlackBerry's new version Z10 is playing well on the home ground and its sales have exceeded that of Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Apple's iPhone.

It seems that RIM which pushed out a revamped  “Z10″ smartphone in an effort to attract users – especially those who jumped ships to join either Android or iOS, has been somewhat successful.

But this phenomenon is same as Apple does well on its home ground in America. However, there is something about Samsung - it is selling like hot cakes everywhere when talen an overall sales and business picture form around the world.

According to Glentel, which has 330 stores across Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 has outsold its competitor’s widely popular smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5. The retailer said that the Z10 was “the leading smartphone” sold in its stores since it was released on February 5.

However, as the folks at Glentel haven’t shared the actual sales data, it’s hard to tell if the sales would remain consistent or not. Also, considering the fact that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone unveiling is just around the corner, it’s not such a big deal if BB Z10 was able to outsold the 1-year old Galaxy device.

Well Z10 has done well in home country well - it remains to be seen how does it fare in apple's America and Samsung's whole world.


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