Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mozilla CEO: Fate Of Our Mobile World Can’t Depend On Just Two Companies

Apple and Samsung are virtually the two ruling giants of the mobile world - everywhere in the world, users seem to be running for the new models from these two companies whenever these are announced  This leaves other competitors virtually white washed and outscored by Apple and Samsung.

Mozilla CEO Kovacs pleads for fragmentation

Well the Apple and Samsung lovers, fans and users may not feel it, but other mobile users do.

And so does Mozilla CEO Kovacs who pleads for fragmentation and says that the fate of our Mobile World can’t depend on just two companies, hinting towards Apple and Google - or possibly Apple and Samsung.

At a keynote during the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, he said companies needed to resist consolidation when it comes to offering mobile services to the four billion consumers that are expected to be mobile users in the next several years.

He said that hegemony extended into different aspects of the mobile ecosystem, from services to hardware — and (it could be argued) mobile carriers. “We need to make sure there are devices and applications and make sure this shared opportunity is not something these one or two companies unnaturally control. I believe that others in this ecosystem also need to contribute.”

These apprehensions come ahead of the first phones built on Firefox OS, that will be launched later this year, with early carriers including Telefonica and T-Mobile.

Read more about it at: Tech Crunch


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