Monday, December 17, 2012

Google Chromebook Holiday Sales are 'Insignificant' [Report]

While there is a general perception that Google's Chromebook is making inroads into business, Investors report that Chromebooks aren't revolutionizing the laptop market, at least not this year.

Google Chromebook by Samsung
The reason beside dull business is that shoppers do not understand Google Chromebooks.

Stephen Baker, vice president of research firm NPD Group has been quoted as saying:"Sales of Google's (GOOG) laptop computers that run its own operating system have been 'insignificant' this shopping season. However he claims that HOPE is not lost."

Chromebooks have been on the market about 18 months. NPD won't release any specific numbers, but Baker says sales are slowly improving and are up vs. last year's holiday season.

It may be added that Google introduced a $249, 11-inch Chromebook model made by Samsung in October 2012. The models available until then cost $299 to $549.

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