Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Facebook’s Poke App For iPhone - The Number One Spot on iTunes Charts

When Facebook launched its Poke App for the iPhone, a few objected to its name - but despite the objections, the App Store was stormed by users to get this app as early as possible.

And in less than a day, the Poke App sits atop the iTunes Free App chart. 

The Oke App is basically a chat app with a few twists, only just released for iPhone, but already, has become the most popular free on the App Store.

Being a chat app, its popularity has sky rocketed, specially for its relation with Facebook - which in itself is the top social media network around the world.

Facebook seems keen to dissect its services into separate entities, and having already brought the likes of Facebook Messenger and more recently, Facebook Camera to the fold, the arrival of Facebook Poke seems – if anything – an inevitability, says Ben Reid of Redmond Pie.


Some are trying to compare the popularity of Poke with Google's Map App, which made ripples when launched. But since Poke is a chat app, its popularity cannot be practically equated or even compared with a Map App which is not required by users that often as a chat app is. 

So enjoy the Poke App for the moment, till the time Facebook launches something more interesting.

Photo/references via Redmond Pie

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