Sunday, June 16, 2019

Huawei Ships One Million Smartphones With Its New OS

Sanctions and restrictions always hurt - but in the short term. Those with resilience, determination and will to overcome the effects of sanctions always come up with home made solutions that reduce and then ultimately do away with dependency on others.

When american president recently placed sanctions on China's Huawei Company and all other American companies followed the suit, specially the Android, China did not show any signs of nervousness and rather announced that it will soon come up with its own OS.

And it did and very recently Huawei has announced that it has shipped a million smartphones with its own OS for testing purposes.

Wonderful Engineering reports that this move is actually part of a bigger battle that is raging; the trade war between China and the US. The US placed Huawei on its trade blacklist, thus preventing the company from producing or manufacturing any products within the US. This led to Huawei assessing its options for collaborations domestically.

So this is just the beginning and in days to come, there may many more surprises for the US.


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