Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apple Watches causing rashes and irritation

Most of the reviews about tech gadgets are about their performance technically and Apple's latest watches have been subjected to many reviews including appreciation and criticism. 

But here is something else - something related to health that is causing headlines because of wearing these wonder watches. Yes I am talking of rashes and skin irritations that people are reporting by wearing the Apple watches.

People wearing Apple watches have reported incidence of allergic reaction of some kind - mainly because of the band on the Sport model. But other users have blamed the reaction on the nickel on the rear of the metal casing. 

Apple is aware of the problem and has posted a support page explaining the issue.

In fact it is the presence of nickel in the body of the watches that is causing irritation to people who are susceptible to nickel-related reactions. Apple also claims that beside the nickel allergy, the irritation or rashes could also be attributed to wearing the band too tight, or too loose, or not keeping the band clean.

Read more about the issue and Apple's view point at Daily Mail

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