Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 - the wonder phone that bends

Although I am not an iPhone lover nor used it ever in my life, but I do keep a track of its latest models and the technological improvements it has over its rivals.  Thus I too waited for the apple’s 2014 flagship to see the sunlight and find out how different it is from the rest of its older models and also from other competitors in the market.

And iPhone 6’s launch did make headlines earlier this month with a bigger screen as rumored – but with something magical too about it: Its ability to bend – not for all but for some. How did Apple decide as to who it would bend for remains a mystery so far though.

Well I am certainly not joking but it is a fact that some users who took chances with their new iPhone 6 did find out with amazement, or should I say with horror, that when applied a force their gadget bent. This really is amazing isn't it?

So much so that Apple has acknowledged it too and has reported that it has received complaints from ‘some’ of its customers who have reported the bending of the gadget – though while still claiming their iPhone 6 to be a state f art smartphone laced with in-numerous features.

Already, Apple’s other competitors have started to ridicule Apple for this magic and have issued rather taunted photos and Twitter messages. Samsung, Apple’s no. 1 adversary I an ad shows a smartphone bending in front of its phone with a caption: Bend to those who ae worthy. While LG claims: Our phone doesn't bend, it flexes – on purpose.

And HTC goes a hand further: Designed to withstand most demanding environment – Like your pockets. another interesting remarks says: Not only bigger but a bendable display!!

So what Apple has to say now? Is it mystery, magic or something else that allows iPhone 6 to bend for some?

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