Saturday, August 17, 2013

'Lazy' Glasses for Lazy People to watch TV while lying flat on the back

There were times when there used to be no remote controls with TVs and the viewers had to get up to change the channel - but then the channels were few and men and women were far active than our times.

Now there are hundreds of channels and it is no more possible to jog between your TV and the sofa to switch over the channels - thanks to remote controls that have made us less sporty and active.

Well for lazy people like me who still find remote controls 'hard, to operate, here is a £10 solution - the Lazy Glasses.

Yes these Lazyglasses costing £10 allow the lazy people like me to lie flat on the couch or even the bed and watch TV or even read books.

These Lazyglasses work a little like a periscope, using mirrors to bounce light from one place to another so wearer can see in an unnatural direction. They allow wearers to lie flat on their back without having to strain their neck to see a screen or page in front of them.

it seems these innovative glasses with such a low price will hit the market more than the Google glasses - what do you think?

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