Monday, June 10, 2013

What Apple Might Announce at WWDC Today

Apple is letting out its closely guarded secret at the WWDC Monday today. Although some of the major announcements have already been speculated since weeks - the major one being the launch of iOS 7.

But beside iOS 7, new version of the operating system that would power iPhones and iPads, what do you think is more Apple can let it out for you to have a ripe bite?

Well it seems it is iOS 7 today - but the new OS comes with many new features and apps that may interest tech and i-devices lovers. Some of these features may include:
Integration with YouTube rival Vimeo. That means you'll be able to directly upload videos you shoot to the site.
Sharing files with other iPhones and iPads over WiFi using an app called AirDrop. AirDrop is already available on Mac computers.

Apple is likely to unveil iRadio, a streaming Pandora-like music service that'll work with iTunes. iRadio will likely tie in with Apple's advertising product, iAd. That means you'll hear ads in between songs.
And iOS 7 is likely to have a new "flat" design. That means icons and buttons won't mimic real-world objects. Instead, the design will look cleaner and less glossy.
Well these are some of the most speculated speculations and features of iOS 7 and other updates. Well will know by tonight what Apple has in its store.

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