Friday, June 14, 2013

Torture-testing Samsung Galaxy S4 [Video]

Volvo is world famous car in the world for its rigorous torture-testing before a model is approved for rolling out.

Samsung seem to be following the suit and a video has emerged recently that shows how Samsung torture-tested its 2013 flagship Galaxy S4 before making available on the shelves around the world.

Samsung has occasionally been criticized in the past for sticking with lighter, plastic-y, and presumably less tough materials in even its flagship phones like the Galaxy S4. But the Korean monolith is out to prove that it did its best to torture-test at least the S4 before unleashing it on our harsh, unforgiving world filled with countless basins of water, fumbling fingers, and perhaps worst of all -- curious kids.

Watch the video here that shows the gauntlet of Samsung's "reliability" testing that the Galaxy S4 was run through.

Here is yet another video which compares iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 by Luke Westaway:

via C|net
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