Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Swype Update for Android Improves Word Predictions

The launch of Swype 1.5 in April, an intelligent virtual keyboard, helped mobile phone users to write quickly and accurately. With the help of this amazing app, one simply has to swipe their thumbs on the letters that make the alphabet to type words and choose the correct word from a list of most accurate suggestions.

Now with the recent update 1.5.6 that came about Sunday yesterday, one has a wider use of this app, specially for those speaking different languages than English.

Word models and language databases for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian have been updated. Polish and Arabic language users can now use Hotwords. Word prediction accuracy and Dragon Dictation UI have been improved.

Apart from the new theme, Swype 1.5.6 update fixes HTC One Mail app word duplication bug, as well as various other bugs. The update is now live and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. First time users can either other for a month long free trial or pick one up for $0.99 only.

( via ubergizmo )
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