Saturday, June 1, 2013

Google's Nutritional Information at the click of a button

Google has launched a nutritional information service for its users in the USA with the help of which surfers can find detailed nutritional information about over 1,000 foods.

The launch will allow diet-conscious surfers to discover nutritional information including the fat, carbohydrate and salt content of over 1,000 foods in a click of a button.

Google is of the view that the new tool will help users make better food choices: 'We’re hoping we can make those choices a little bit easier: starting today you will be able to quickly and easily find extensive nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals in search.'

New feature is being rolled out across the U.S. over the next 10 days but it is unclear when it will launched in the UK and other parts of the world or not.

via Mail Online
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