Thursday, May 23, 2013

HTC Explains the Absence of microSD Slot in HTC One

HTC has always been criticized for the lack of expandable memory options in its smartphones and it has done the same with its latest flagship smartphone, HTC One, as well. However, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer quite surprisingly released the Chinese variant of HTC One featured with not only two SIM-Card slots but also a microSD slot as well.

This is indeed quite a questionable move by HTC which has led to the rise of misleading concerns from users residing outside China. However, at CTIA 2013, TechRadar had a chance to sit down with HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon and upon discussing this issue, following is what Jeff had to say:

Because the Chinese version of the One is designed specifically for the smaller Chinese radio bands, we do have additional space inside the device we were able to use for the microSD slot. That space isn't available to us in the global version.

So apparently, those 4G LTE radios are the reason why HTC couldn’t house an expandable memory slot in such a gigantic smartphone, whereas other similar-sized smartphone like Galaxy S4 not only managed to put a larger 5” screen (as opposed to HTC One’s  4.7” display) but also a microSD card slot.
The lack of expandable memory storage on HTC One previously seemed to be an executive choice, but knowing now that the company was simply not capable of including such feature doesn’t seem comforting. On the flip side however, this revelation indicates that we’ll probably be seeing future HTC smartphones with expandable storage slots if there aren’t any design constraints. Are you satisfied with HTC’s response on the matter?

(via TechRadar)


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