Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Galaxy S4 Preorders to commence April 16 for $199.99

(Credit: Sarah Tew/C|net)

AT&T has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a two years' contract will be available for presales from April 6 for $199.99, reports C|net.

However, the price of $199.99 is for 16 GB version - while the price of 32 GB version will be $249.99.

AT&T in its web site also boats of being the first carrier to offer pre-sales order booking for Galaxy S4 sales. However, The company hasn't provided a launch date yet.

It may be added that AT&T previously told C|net that the $249.99 price tag was for the base model of the Galaxy S4. The newer price of at $199.99, the 16GB Galaxy S4 falls a bit short (on a spec perspective) to the comparably priced HTC One, which comes with 32GB of built-in memory.

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