Thursday, March 7, 2013

World's cheapest mobile phone for just £1

Yesterday we talked of the smallest mobile phone ever by a Japanese firm - now we have even more stunning and awesome news: A mobile phone for just £1 - Just like the famous £1 fish!!

Alcatel One Touch 232 for just £1

The new Alcatel One Touch 232 is certainly the world's cheapest mobile phone that comes with a 1.5 inch colour screen and it even allows customers to listen to the radio.

Although the phone does not have the latest social networking applications, it makes and receives calls and can send text messages.

The other features of this really cheap mobile phone are:
It weighs 60 grams and measures 106 by 46 by 14 mm
A torch, games, an alarm clock, a calculator, a calendar and can be used hands-free
However, basic phone must be bought with £10 credit.

You may buy this dirt cheap mobile from Website which is selling the pay as you go mobile phone on the O2 network.

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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