Sunday, March 3, 2013

PhotoMagic App (Ver 1.1.1) for iPhone - Do you want Instagram like Effects?

Ordinary photography is meaningless unless it is made dramatic, abasorbing and eye catching with the help of the right kind of tools.

Although, for computers tools like PhotoShop and many other provide such facilities, but editing your photos right on your iPhone is something different - requiring custom made app.

The good news is that PhotoMagic for iPhone is one such app that allows you to create instagram-like efects right on your iPhone, before you send out your photos to friends or even on Social Media.

PhotoMagic is an easy and cool app to enhance your photos with exceptional filter effects, lighting effects and frame styles. Created with friendly and artistic interfaces plus plenty photo effects and styles, anyone can magically turn photos into stunning artwork in a few clicks.

Taking photos is just the beginning, and enhancing photos in special and artistic ways is to guarantee your photos much cooler and more memorable. A great amount of state-of-the-art photographic effects and styles on PhotoMagic promise you eye-catching photos.

Key Features:
- 1-Click to make your photos cool and special
- 30+ fantastic photo effects
- 30+ amazing lighting effects
- 30+ well-designed frames
- Crop, rotate and flip photos

You can get the PhotoMagic for iPhone on App Store

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