Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The hands free £999 tap and hand-dryer

Since appearance of taps, we are used to 'opening' the taps with rounded or other type so wheels and handles and then walk over to the hand-dryer installed by the door to dry our wet hands.

But that was the past. Now we have hands free tap and dryer - all in one for 'just' £999.

Dreamt up by James Dyson, the man who re-invented the vacuum cleaner, it combines hand washing and drying in one rather futuristic tap.

First, the user must place their hands under the central nozzle, which breaks an infra-red beam and triggers a stream of lukewarm water.

Next, the user moves their hands out underneath the two wings, where breaking a second beam sets off a blast of cold filtered air to scrape the water away.

The drying process takes 12 seconds, and there is no need to touch any surfaces that might spread bugs.

There is one thing it doesn't dispense, however – soap.


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