Thursday, February 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Wins Best Smartphone of the Year 2013 Award at GMA

It was Samsung Galaxy S3 that shined and made audience rocked with applause for winning the Best Smartphone of the Year award at GMA. Samsung also got the Device Manufacturer of the Year  award.

Remember it was lats year that Galaxy S2 won the same award.

As for the much advertised and 'talked about' iPhone, there was nothing that GMa could offer to Apple.

It may be added for your valuable information that the Global Mobile Awards ceremony is like the Oscars of gadgets. It has been honoring the best of the best in mobile technology for 18 years. This year, Samsung managed to take three top spots in different category including “best smartphone of the Year”, “best mobile enabled consumer electronics device” and like last year, “device manufacturer of the year”.

Here are the Judge’s verdict for Samsung’s winning candidates:-
Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device (Galaxy Camera)
While other camera manufacturers are burying their heads in the sand over the threat posed by smartphones, this manufacturer has grabbed the bull by both horns and created an innovative product that has given a second life to compact cameras.
Best Smartphone (Galaxy S3)
With its ability to deliver in multiple markets, proven global adoption, and leading edge features such as Pop-Up Play video, Smart Stay screen and NFC, this is the Android success story.
Device Manufacturer of the Year (Samsung)
The stand-out winner, a terrific year for Samsung as it continues to build a solid global business across its device portfolio
Now all eyes are fixed on March next month when Samsung's flagship for 2013 Galaxy S4 hits the markets. It should and I would say It Would hit the world smartphone market with louder bang than did the S3 last year. And who knows the 2014 award goes to S4.


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