Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Remove Carrier Branding From HTC 8X - Guide

Bloatware is something that is seldom liked by the users as these slow down their devices beside occupying the already limited space of the smartphone.

As for HTC, it’s 8X is one of the most popular Windows Phone 8 devices presently available. However the branding that comes with a carrier phone is really annoying. However, there is a way,  thanks to XDA member xboxmod, which assists you to unbrand your HTC 8X, provided that your device meets certain criteria.

However, XDA member xboxmod has a big caution for you, should you decide to remove the Carrier Branding from HTC 8X, which reads as under:
Caution! Use at your own risk - I take no responsibility for any conflict or damage to your device
So you, being duly CAUTIONED, can now follow the following steps to Remove Carrier Branding From HTC 8X:

-An Y-cable
-sd card or usb drive key
-the 3 .nbh extracted from those exe using winrar:
official rom HTC_Europe_2.00.401.03

How to Remove Carrier Branding - step by step guide:

1- Format your sdcard or usb key in fat32

2-Copy the full rom RUU_Signed.nbh to the usb key

3-Rename it ACDUDIAG.nbh

4-Connect the usb key to the Y-cable powered

5-Shutdown the phone press camera button and connect the cable
you will see the text ACDUDIAG.nbh on top left during 1 second
then the flash will start (if not the nbh used is not for this device!).

6-Wait the end of the process, the device will reboot to the bootloader screen.
at this state your device doesn't boot.

7-Now rename UEFI_signed.nbh to ACDUDIAG.nbh
flash it using same process.
at reboot your device will be stuck on bootloader screen with error UEFI for Key Provision ONLY.

8-Rename ACDU_UEFI_PROV_KEY.nbh to ACDUDIAG.nbh & flash it.
Normaly the device doesn't boot!

9-reflash now the full rom RUU_Signed.nbh.
Always using same process
At reboot enjoy your official HTC rom

* Notice:
I have used this step but i think you can directly flash
UEFI_signed.nbh then -RUU_Signed.nbh without Acdu


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