Monday, February 25, 2013

£13 Nokia mobile - you only need to charge once in 35 Days

Battery drainage has always been a problem with mobile phones and it surely gives a drained out beep when a most urgent call is to be made.

But not any more!!

A friend in need: £13 Nokia 105 mobile phone, which can last for 35 days on a single charge

Nokia has unveiled an awfully cheap handset - for just £13, with a 'mighty superman strong battery' that can last 35 DAYS without recharge. The set is exactly a friend indeed - which will be there when a friend is really needed.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told a press conference at MWC: 'Today we're introducing the world's most innovative portfolio of products.

The phone is aimed at emerging markets where electricity is rare, but could also be sold as a 'backup phone'.

Of this cheap and 'durable' Set the Nokia 105 boasts a colour screen, built in torch, an FM radio and 5-megapixel camera and access to the music streaming service Nokia Music.

It was hailed as 'the ultimate festival phone' by press at the launch in Barcelona.

Nokia's £13 mobile is set go go on sale later this year, and is expected to be aimed at emerging markets as well as being targeted as a 'backup phone' in Europe.

Watch the promotional video:
Read more about it at: Mail Online


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