Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is iPhone with 4.8 inch screen coming in June?

While a bigger screen does not make any headline anymore as already Samsung has its many gadgets with a bigger scree. However, the rumors hit headlines when someone ios talking about iPhone  - that is rumored to have been a 4.8 inch screen.

There is a long line of sites that have interconnected with the 'source' of this rumor as one keeps tracing back one site and the other to find the source.

When I heard of the rumor of 4.8 inch screen iPhone with 12MP camera, I was readily excited. And finally found out that there are really rumored-news of something coming up in June.
The Russian site Applied Gear has came up with a 'prototype' design of what this 'iPhone' would look like, as can be as seen above. This is not the official version, but an artist's design of how this iPhone will look like.

Now what this iPhone will be called? Well it is anyone's guess: it may turn out to be iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 Z or iPhone Math. Let us wait for any thing coming out from the secretive Apple!!

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