Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Google boss amazed to find 'rather extinct computers' in North Korea University

When you talk to the Google's executive chairman, rest assured you are not talking of vestige technology as he happens to be one of 'the' men who are laced with technologies of future and planning for the day after, not day before.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt takes a picture of the dated computers at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang [Photo: AP]

And this was exactly what happened when Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt vising the Kim Il Sung university found the old fashioned or rather I should say the now-extinct computers being used in the university. 

He was so amazed to watch students using the search engine on old HP computers of bygone technology that he stopped and took photographs of the museum of computers.

It may be added that computer use in North Korea, however, remains an anomaly, with the authoritarian regime keen to limit internet access and computers a rarity. However, the visit by such a high ranking business is seen in the backdrop of Using science and technology to build North Korea's beleaguered economy which was the highlight of a New Year's Day speech by leader Kim Jong Un.

Watch a video of the visit of Eric Schmidt below:

Read more about it at: Mail Online

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