Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Craft emails in Google Chrome Beta using only your voice

Those using Google Chrome are going to get good news soon of crafting e-mails using only your voice. Cool isn't it?

Well yes it seems so.

Google updated the beta feed of its Chrome browser Monday with developer support for the Web Speech API - a JavaScript API that lets web developers integrate speech recognition into their websites and web apps.

Google Chrome has had support for voice search for quite some time but as the Google Chrome blog points out, more robust dictation support could open up a lot of other opportunities.

Google built a demo showcasing the new API support in the new Chrome Beta that lets users compose an email using their voice.


Christina Warren at Mashable tested out the feature and was very impressed. Despite being on horribly laggy hotel Wi-Fi, the API worked well and was mostly accurate and fairly fast at understanding my voice.

Here's the text output of Christina Warren's voice dictation (which you can watch in the video below):
"This is a test of Google's web Speech API even know my hotel Internet is notoriously slow I can still dictate what I'm thinking fairly quickly the accuracy is not 100 percent and noticed some problems with the speech to text recognition but I'm a hole for beta."
Now watch the video:

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