Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LG reveal 84-inch TV set - wider than a car

When the ambitious 84 inches LG TV sees its way to your home soon, you would never go to a cinema to watch a movie - since the cinema will be right there in your home.

The £22,500 LG's giant 84 inch Ultra HD TV is pictured above alongside Rachael James, 5'8"

Not kidding - the £22,500 LG TV is more expensive than VW Golf hatchback and at 7 feet wider than one too.

Anyone who can afford the LG Ultra HDTV, which went on sale in UK this month, will be treated to a viewing experience that is close to Imax cinema quality. The giant screen can convert ordinary television into 3D, and comes with five pairs of glasses for viewing the pin-sharp images. The reception of the LG giant is claimed to be 16 times sharper than the normal HD TV.


And that is not all - It may also solve family arguments. The screen is so large that it can be split, allowing viewers to watch two movies at once – and it has voice-activated and motion controls, putting an end to fruitless searches for the remote.

Watch the video below and see it for yourself, if you haven't had a chance so far:

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

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