Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google May Launch Maps App for iOS Wednesday night

Who is happy with Apple Map apps? I think hardly anyone using Apple gadgets.

Well here comes Google again for their rescue with their much accurate and precise Map app.

Comparison Map app: Apple vs Google

As per Mashable:
If a report saying a Google Maps app for iOS will become available Wednesday night is correct, all iPhone users who have complained about the buggy Apple Maps can go back to their preferred mobile maps app. A source familiar with the matter told AllThingsD the Google Maps app will again become available for iPhone users.
It may be added that the previously pre-installed Google Maps app was removed from iOS in September with the launch of Apple Maps in iOS 6. Google refused to enable voice navigation for its maps app, because it invested heavily in its own Android software's turn-by-turn navigation.

And you know how did the Apple's very own Map app fare. Even a few days back, Samsung, the Apple's biggest competitor, had mocked the Apple Map app in Australia. If you have not read about it, read it here.

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