Tuesday, November 27, 2012

60-year-old shaves his head to get a Silicon Valley CEO job

What do you do if you are 60 and need a job? Well may be you have to shave of your head, do a little plastic surgery to look younger when appearing before an interviewing board. I am not kidding - read on...

60-year-old Randy Adams was looking for a chief-executive officer role in Silicon Valley last year but was turned down from position after position because of his obvious showing age and younger candidates less-experienced candidates always got the job instead. It was then he thought he has to look younger to be a CEO in the Silicon Valley.

Randy before [left] and after [right] shaving off to get the Silicon Valley CEO job (Photo: Wikipedia/Daily Mail)

And that is what exactly he did - before heading into his next interview, he shaved off his grey hair and traded in his loafers for a pair of Converse sneakers. The board hired him.

'I don't think I would have been able to get this CEO job if I hadn't shaved my head,' says Adams, who has founded eight venture-backed companies.

It may be added that California lawyers see increase in age discrimination cases from people in their forties. And consequently, plastic surgeons in Bay area report a hike in businessmen asking about cosmetic procedures.

Read more about it at: DailyMail

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